David Udell’s Music

“David has a true gift for writing a catchy pop hook and he’s a wizard in the studio, which is why there’s so many tasty studio sounds sprinkled throughout the album.”— MWE3.com— Orchids review 10/27/2015

“This is, more than anything, an album of songs – very memorable songs with thoughtful lyrics and superb musicianship”— Peter Thelen, Exposé Online — Orchids review

Carl Weingarten recently told mwe3.com, “David Udell is one of the most skilled and imaginative musicians I know. While David’s fluid guitar technique was the first thing I noticed and admired about him, it was during our work in Delay Tactics that David showed me how the guitar was so much more than a lead instrument. In many of our recordings, David’s use of guitar textures, even the most subtle, would take each song to a new level.”

“A Window Was Open” from Orchids (2015) N L —”This is the kind of song I expected when I heard David was doing a solo record – punchy, proggy and poppy.” Steve Pick – Sound Salvation – KDHX Radio


I have been singer/songwriter/guitarist and keyboard player for art rock band Wax Theatricks and avant/pop band Delay Tactics and have decided to strike out on my own, although my heart is still with the boys and we’ll never stop working together. I’ve lived in St. Louis my whole life and my friends are the best musicians in town (IMO). They have been kind enough to indulge every whim allowing me to explore a lot of new territory. I can’t pass this up and I’ve never been happier with my music! This web site will be my home and conduit to all things me.

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